Monday, 18 January 2016

Exams and end of Semester updates

The end of semester is upon us!!!

As we embark on our final exams and the conclusion of semester one I want to thank all of our staff and students for a great semester.  Over the course of the past five months we have much to be thankful for.......and much to celebrate.

Academically OT continues to excel as our students achieve top results in all subject areas.  Our Senior students have been completing their post secondary applications and we do expect to see our graduates secure placements in the programs and schools of their choosing.
In the next month our younger students will begin selecting courses for the 2016-17 school year.  I encourage all families to take this opportunity to engage in dialogue and discussions around course selections as the choices made in February help determine our staffing allocation......and are difficult to adjust once those determinations are made.

The end of a semester is also a fantastic opportunity for conversations around the abundant post secondary options available in Canada.  Whether your child is returning to HS or beginning to think about College/University/Travel/ or Work there are so many, many, wonderful options across Canada and around the world.  It's never too early to being thinking about what might come after HS!


See link;


#1 - Exams are ON unless the HDSB officially closes all Halton schools
(please check the HDSB web site for any school closure information.  Also connect with AM 680 as they have very accurate updates beginning at 6:00 a.m. every day)

#2 - IF the HDSB closes school on any exam date:
a) the exams scheduled for that date will be moved to Wednesday, February 3, 2016
b) all exam times will remain the same (on the 3rd of February - as initially scheduled)

If exams scheduled for Friday, January 29th are cancelled due to a school closure ALL exams on that date will be re-scheduled for Wednesday, February 3rd at the exact same time of day as initially set.


Exams are ON (see #1 above).  If a student is late due to poor weather we will ensure that full time is provided.  If a student cannot make it into school please contact the main office and alternative arrangements will be made.  


As of today's date (January 18th) we have received no new information from the town or police. While we have observed a Coyote on the property (on Friday, January 15th) we have been assured that the Town and the Halton Regional Police are addressing our concerns regarding student safety.

Whenever an update is received we will share with the community as quickly as possible.


Thursday, Feb. 4th   Exam Review Day (a.m. only)
Friday, Feb. 5th        PD Day
Monday, Feb. 8th     First Day of Semester Two
Monday, Feb 15th    Family Day Holiday

Good luck on your final exams!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy New Year !

Happy 2016 !!!!

Wishing all OTHS families a happy new year.  I trust everyone has had a wonderful holiday and that you had a chance to connect with family and friends in a relaxing and enjoyable manner.  As we enter the final weeks of Semester One all students will require varying amounts of resilience as final exams approach.

Thank you for re-assuring your son/daughter that they'll be fine, and do well, provided they continue to attend all classes and fully engage with their teachers around any summative, or exam, requirements.  There will be ample time to review ahead of exams and complete all requirements however it's important to keep in mind that our kids don't always share that perspective.

On an interesting note here is an article from the NY Times discussing the continued growth and concern around school generated stress and anxiety of young students.

Key Dates in January/February

January 4                Back to classes
January 21 and 22  EQAO for Grade 9 Mathematics
January 27             E-learning Exams
January 28             Regular Exams begin
February 4             Exam Review Day
February 5             PD Day
February 8             Semester Two begins

Thank you very much for your continued support of Oakville Trafalgar High School.